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    W3C compliant
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    Marketing today means marketing on the Internet!

    Small businesses find themselves with more technologies, more software solutions and more channels to contact and engage potential customers than ever before. However, implementing these new methodologies require increasingly specialized skills and business owners often make decisions with limited understanding of the processes and terminology involved. Increasingly, they rely on the advice and experience of consultants. Website design, search engine optimization, personalization and automated processes are just a few of the challenges for small business owners.

    At Services1223, we’ve put together a talented and experienced team of professionals delivering measurable value to every aspect of marketing your business, products or services on the Internet.

    With our staff, we have over forty years of programming experience and thirty five years in sales and marketing management. The value we deliver to our clients is reflected in our average client retention of over eight years.

    To reach your goals, affordably and effectively we offer the services you need to succeed in this digital marketing environment and the experience to  help you make better, more informed decisions.

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    Website Design

    From our first website in 1995, Services1223 has excelled at providing Services1223 has clients world wide.small businesses state of the art website design at affordable price points. Our clients span the globe and include legal firms, healthcare providers, eCommerce (B2B and B2C, service and hard goods), entertainment, hospitality, non-profits and local brick and mortar establishments.

    We’re experienced and expert at designing websites that focus on your company’s target  audience. Creating relevant and original content, Services1223 focuses on engagement with your site’s visitors.

    Our websites are regularly updated to insure compliance with search engine best practice coding structure, relevant content refreshed regularly and effective use of social media.

    With mobile search now surpassing desktop we begin our designs “mobile first” giving a better and more engaging user experience across devices and operating systems.


    Productivity, Security and Continuity

    Pay Per Click advertising can be the most effective way to reach your targeted customer and we have the experience to make that happen without wasted spend. We continuously monitor all campaigns, ads, keywords, Cost Per Clicks (CPC), Click Through Rate (CTR) Ad Quality (QS),Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI), the Average Position of the ad on page and we can create and A/B test multiple landing pages.


    SEO & Local Listings

    Search Engine Optimization is the means used, in compliance with the search engine guidelines, to get your website found and displayed to your potential clients, at the exact moment they are searching and ready to make a purchase decision. Local Listings is another piece of that puzzle, exploiting your advantage as a local business and establishing your place among local suppliers.


    Secure Cloud Backup

    Aptly called Disaster Recovery, cloud backup, by Carbonite, gives you the assurance that any loss of data can be recovered and have your business back to full operational status in 24 hours. Carbonite’s unique technology even “hard metal “ restores dissimilar manufacturer servers and computers and their “always-on backup in the background” begins to backup a file the instant you save it.


    Social Media Marketing and Advertising

    COMING SOON! We strive to offer the most relevant services to our customer. With social media marketing we will come up with a plan to expand your business through social media avenues. We tailor make a business model that will suit your business individually, then we will also services of where we can implement that model to make sure that is being the most effective.